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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
New Year's Eve Party at Solec
31 December 2013 (Tuesday), 7:00 pm
Klub Solec, ul. Solec 44 (map)
50 - 230 pln; to reserve a ticket, please contact the organizers at

To celebrate New Year's Eve, Solec is preparing a culinary-musical feast.

7:00 pm – five-course dinner created by Aleksander Baron

10:00 pm – dance-floor frenzy to the rhythms of old and new disco and some of the greatest hits. It will be electric. It will be an all-nighter, till the break of dawn. Behind the decks, the old: Rafał Rejowski and the young: Cyryl Rozwadowski. Both of them DJs, presenters, music journalists collaborating with, i.a., Aktivist. The former is an old-timer known to regulars of now sadly deceased Jadłodajania Filozoficzna; for seven years now, he has been stirring up the party air, serving indie, electro and new disco, along with such DJs as AM Radio, HHM, Boy Division and Double Trouble. The latter is a rising star, member of Małe Szczęścia collective who escape all classifications.

The fun will be even greater as we will provide tasty snacks throughout the night, to support your power levels. On the house!

Source: translation of the promotional material provided by the organizer of the event, Solec