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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
14th Singer's Warsaw Festival of Jewish Culture
26 August 2017 (Saturday) - 3 September 2017
Warszawa (różne lokalizacje) (map)

Singer’s Warsaw Festival is an initiative by the Shalom Foundation, the aim of which is to restore, if but for a few days, the atmosphere of the pre-war city of Warsaw. We intend to show the Yiddish culture, its excellent literature and heritage. Books, music, theatre, cuisine, conversations with creators and artists – all those cannot be missed at our Festival. We present our spectators with writers, musicians, artist of various genres and generations, and their innovative projects. We also give the chance to learn of the Jewish history and custom. We talk to experts, historians, scientists, allowing for discussions and exchange of views, attempting to be the event, due to which the dialogue of history with the present is not only possible but also effective. Outstanding creators and a multitude of attractions attract around 60,000 people annually. The audience, and the excellent program abounds in 200 events.

This year’s edition of the Festival will traditionally be inaugurated by the concert the the Nożyk Synagogue, where we shall hear the most prominent representatives of the klezmer and cantoral music. The musicians are performing "Ahava Raba" project – an emotional interpretation of prayer and blessing recited by the Jews during Shakharit – the morning religious rite. The show will host world renown artists: Frank London, Yaakov Lemmer, Patrick Farrell, Merlin Shepherd, Guy Shalom and Benjy Fox-Rosen.

One of the very unique festival events is the Warsaw premiere of a new album by one of the most popular klezmer bands of Poland and Europe – KROKE "TRAVELLER". It is already the eleventh album in the portfolio of this Cracow-based trio, shining bright on the international music scene for a quarter of a decade. KROKE will perform upon our stage accompanied by Anna Maria Jopek, a prominent vocalist giving concerts with the most important music characters of our time.

The very special guest star of the Festival is Daniel Kahn, the "one man band", hailing from the USA and now Berlin-based actor, director, scriptwriter and poet. On our stage, he will present two of his music projects. The Painted Bird joins the accordion and the clarinet with punk rock and the trombone with the electric guitar. This novel arrangement will be presented to us in, i.e., songs by Mordekhay Gebirtig or David Edelstadt with an unrestricted, New York freedom and cabaret form. In the other project, he performs with the international super-group The Brothers Nazaroff, performing in the Yiddish-folkpunk "simcha madness" style. During Klezmer Night will also perform Common Bond with pieces inspired by the Balkans, the Middle East and West Africa.

We will also hear Renata Przemyk, performing pieces from the newest album – from the "Boogie Street" show after Leonard Cohen’s "Book of longing". A very special complement to the concert are the additional songs from Cohen’s repertoire, such as "Suzanne" or "Hallelujah".

Warszawskie Combo Taneczne with Jan Młynarski will also perform. The band consisting of seven musicians perform predominantly pre-war songs, which 80 and more years ago were played and touched the audience on the reed, dances, and on the streets and courtyards. The beautiful Warsaw songs will be presented in contemporary sound and arrangements close to the original. Ethno music lovers will also find something for themselves. The Dima Gorelik TRIO is a great mix of ethno-jazz sounds, based on the traditions of Israeli music influenced by the voices of the world.

The programme of the Festival also features once again the section of Singer Jazz Festival – within which prominent personalities of the jazz scene are performing.

We will have the opportunity to listen to the greatest star of the jazz part of the Festival, Rolf Kühn. This world-renown jazz musician, hailing from Germany, is a phenomenon: performer and clarinet player, excelling in numerous areas of music. Rolf Kühn will perform in a new project "Clarinet Summit" – initiated by Adam Baruch, artistic director of Singer Jazz Festival. Next to Rorf Kühn on the stage will appear young jazz musicians, amongst them Ircha Clarinet Quartet – a quartet by Mikołaj Trzaska, consisting of excellent musicians playing various types of the clarinet. The project will also see the participation of the Oleś Brothers, acclaimed as the greatest treasure of Polish 21st-century jazz.

The main star of the final festival concert is David D’Or, a world-renown Israeli countertenor and composer. We have already hosted David in Poland during the 11th edition of the Festival, where he was so well received by the Polish audience. This year, this angel-voiced, unmistakably unique artist comes back to Warsaw with a new project. It is the first time that he performs on the very same stage in a unique conjunction with a great star of the Israeli musical scene, Miri Mesika. This phenomenal artist, so popular in Israel, is now enjoying her first visit to Poland.

A great asset of the Festival are also the theatre performances. There will be ample occasions to see the popular and acclaimed shows by the Jewish Theatre, such as "Shosha", "The Sabbath girl" or "Karsylewka Town". Ahead of us lie also the opportunities to see the cult shows, which are making a special, Festival-oriented comeback to the stages. In cooperation with TR Warszawa, the ATM Studio stage shows us two prominent plays by Maja Kleczewska and Łukasz Chotkowski. The acclaimed "Dybuk" is based on the renown Jewish drama by Shimun Ansky – the story of the soul of a deceased yeshiva student inhabiting the body of his loved one, which, when interpreted by Kleczewska and Chotkowski, also shows its new meanings, so important for the contemporary viewer. There is also one more special artistic event in line – the play of "The painted bird" based upon the famous, controversial novel by Jerzy Kosiński, premiered not so long ago in Warsaw. It is a story of a small Jewish boy, who during World War Two, sought refuge in the Polish countryside. The play was co-produced in cooperation with Teatr Polski in Poznań. During the Festival, plays will also be presented by Yiddishpiel Theatre of Israel and the Jewish Theatre of Bucharest. Moreover, Jewish-themed performances will be shown by Polish theatres.

Word is important in Jewish culture and its fullness reaches in the performative reading. As part of the series "Reading Room of Jewish Writers: Masters Read," spectators will have the opportunity to listen to among others Bruno Schulz's "The cinnamon shops" in the interpretation of Jerzy Radziwiłowicz. In turn, during the "Jewish literary salon" the audience will be able to listen to the fragments of Remigiusz Grzela's book "Be my god" read by Danuta Stenka. During many festival events, there will also be attractions for children. Thanks to the picnics accompanying the Festival, Próżna Street and Grzybowski Square will turn into a lively, full of sounds and colors, a cultural crucible.

Source: Organizer