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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
Piotr Damasiewicz Quintet – at 12on14 Jazz Club
11 April 2017 (Tuesday), 8:30 pm
12on14 Jazz Club, Noakowskiego 16 (map)
PLN 70 - 77
Piotr Damasiewicz Quintet

One of the most promising and at the same time original trumpeters of Polish jazz scene. His albums „Alaman”, „Imprograohic” or „Mnemotaksja” were mentioned in the top of most important albums of Polish improvised music scene of recent years. Damasiewicz is a winner of Fryderyk award in Jazz Debut of the Year category in 2012 for “Hadrony” album, recorded with Aukso chamber orchestra.

Damasiewicz is a founder of the Power of the Horns orchestra, where at least five wind instruments perform with doubled rhythmic section. The first album of the band titled „Alaman” was released in 2013 by For Tune label and it was well received by jazz critics. On the same year, „Imprgraphic” records of the quartet of Damasiewicz were released, where improvisation is based on graphic notation. Recorded in 2006 „Mnemotaksja” album of the first mature quartet of the trumpeter – with Gerard Lebik playing tenor saxophone, Maciej Garbowski playing double bass and Wojciech Romanowski playing drums – was premiered in 2014.

Apart from his own projects, Damasiewicz collaborates with among others Portuguese Red Trio, Spinifex, VeNN Circles or Escape Art Quintet. The artist is also a member of international creative platforms JazzPlaysEurope 2010, Take Five Europe 2013 and European Jazz Network. He is a curator of the Melting Pot series, as a part of which improvisers of various fields and from various countries meet in Wrocław each quarter.

Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet
Gerard Lebik – saxophone
Janusz Skowron – piano
Michał Jaros – double bass
Krzysztof Dziedzic – drums

Source: Organiser