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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
Steinar Aadnekvam Quartet – concert within the International Jazz in Old Town - Summer Festival
30 July 2011 (Saturday), 7:00 pm
Rynek Starego Miasta (map)
free admission
Event is a part of: 17th International Jazz at The Old Town Square Festival
Steinar Aadnekvam

"Norwegian McLaghlin and Al Di Meola" – for the first time in Poland!

Premiere concert of a young guitar virtuoso, the prestigious Norsk Jazzintro finalist, in a rousing programme of Brazilian and jazz music presented in a new way.

Steinar Aadnekvam – guitar
Jonatan Guzman – grand piano
Patric Thorman – double bass
Chris Montgomery – percussion

'You absolutely need to be blind not to recognize the virtuous talent of this young Norwegian jazz guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam'... – Rootstime, Belgium

'Steinar Aadnekvvam [...] has similarities with guitarists such as McLaughlin and Di Meola [...] A presentation of a talented guitarist, proving that he is a musician to be reckoned with in the future'... – Stephen Miedell / Bergens Tidende / - Aftenposten, Norway

'Compelling guitar lines from Steinar Aadnekvam – a player who mostly handles acoustic here, but works in this warm mode that has lots of nice 70s touches too – an airy, atmospheric space that still finds plenty of room to groove, even in a gentle way – a bit like Pat Metheny on ECM, with [...] a trace of Brazilian jazz' – Dusty Groove, USA

Steinar Aadnekvam is a young, 27-year-old Norwegian guitar virtuoso, an artist who has a message to convey. He is also a composer and producer. He draws his inspiration from modern jazz and Brazilian music.

Steinar Aadnekvam is one of the most active and most often mentioned young Norwegian guitarists, recognized as an artist who has a message to convey, a guitar virtuoso and at the same time a mature musician, full of soul. He comes from Bergen in Norway and is a part of European and Brazilian modern music scene.

In 2009 and then 2010, he was nominated for two prestigious awards, namely for the Young Nordic Guitarist and Norsk Jazzintro. Swedish press acknowledged his debut LP, 'Simple Things', the Album of the Year, and European critics unanimously claim that his music is unique and often compare him to legendary guitarists, such as John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola.

Despite his early age, he has already gained much experience. He travelled a lot, around Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Luxembourg. After graduating from Södra Latin Music College when he was 18, he studied in Stockholm, at the Royal College of Music. His teachers were, i.a., Mikke Rönnkvist, Alvaro Is-Rojas, Thomas Wixtröm, Andreas Oberg and Sten Höstfält.

In 2005, he got in touch with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, an Indian bansuri master, as he was still looking for his own style and wished the master could help him. Therefore, Steinar Aadnekvam moved to Mumbai. He lived and studied there. Later, he moved again to North-Eastern Brazil. The country influenced him and became the source of his artistic inspiration. Since then, Steinar spends 6 months of each year in the Pernambuco region. He toured Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Spain and Brazil with his band.

His 'Simple Things' album appeared together with the 'Music Makes You Happy' (MMYH / Plugged) label, the aim of which is to release a cycle of records presenting the artist's musical experiments and projects. 'Music Makes You Happy' is also a manifesto and motto. The artist says music is the essence of happiness; it lets us understand who we are and discern what we are capable of; when we truly listen to it, music lets us reach our soul. And he must be right.

More information is to be found at Steinar Aadnekvam's official website.

More information about the Festival is available here.