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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
Teatr Żydowski (Jewish Theatre)
Plac Grzybowski 12/16 Warszawa (map)
+48 226 204 954
The Theatre continues the great tradition of Jewish stages in Poland in the Interwar. The performances are held in Polish and Yiddish.

When in 1968 a great deal of Jewish actors, including Ida Kamińska (the general director and also the artistic director of the Theatre) and Meir Melman, left Poland, it seemed that the Theatre was to stop operating. However, the Jewish society which stayed in Poland and the Polish audience, with many faithful spectators, really needed it.

As an heir of the Jewish stagecraft in Poland, the Theatre cultivates the great Jewish classical drama. Nevertheless, the Jewish Theatre is not content with only being a "sanctuary of national mementoes". While drawing on the tradition, it wants to be a modern theatre at the same time, so it still broadens its repertoire with contemporary plays by Jewish authors. Moreover, the Theatre is interested in all current performances on the subject of Jews.