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We are awaiting submissions for the 9th edition of the Award
We would like to thank the publishers: Agora, Bernardinum, Czarne, Dowody na Istnienie, Muza, Wyd. Poznańskie, Prószyński i S-ka, W.A.B. i Znak, for their submissions (as of December 1, 2017)
Please submit entries for the best reportage
of the year and for the best reportage translation of 2017 regularly - after each quarter.

Due to the increasing number of entries submitted to the contest, we kindly request that you submit your entries regularly (preferably on a current basis). Anyone can submit candidates
for the Award, including authors and translators.
The application, together with 6 copies of the book (requirement of sending copies along is applicable to publishers only), published in 2017 in Poland
and in Polish (only the first editions of living authors), should be sent to:

Biuro Kultury Miasta st. W-wa
pl. Bankowy 2 (piętro 23, pokój 236),
00-095 Warszawa
with the caption: ‘Nagroda Kapuścińskiego’.

The application should include:
- full name of the author,
- the title and date of publication of the first edition of the reportage,
- name and address of the person or organization submitting the application, complete with address and contact details (including telephone and email).

Justification of the application is welcomed.

Details and rules of the Award (in a download file) here >>>

Books submitted to the 9th edition are presented to a jury chaired by Prof. Piotr Mitzner, and composed of Dorota Danielewicz, Magdalena Grochowska, Mariusz Kalinowski and Katarzyna Nowak.

For further information, please contact the Secretary of the Jury
- Bożena Dudko