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Amexica: war along the borderline (Ameksyka. Wojna wzdłuż granicy), Ed VULLIAMY
translated from English by Janusz Ochab
published by Czarne

Shocking story of the Drug War, ongoing along the US – Mexican frontier. Amexica is a separate city-state of terror, madness and violence. Lives of drug addicts and their families are strongly marked by corruption, anarchy and powerful cartels, growing richer and richer. 24,000 people have been killed in Amexica since 2006. The author engages in his work to the point of risking his own life. However, this fact is not perceivable in his works in the slightest, other than by making the reportages very truthful and thus adding a sense of dignity to the presented stories of death – in each case cruel and preposterous. Ed Vuillamy's “Amexica” makes readers acquainted not only with dilemmas faced by people living along the borderline and with a crisis of American values and beliefs, but it also presents how democracy strives and fails to battle one of the greatest plagues: narcotics.

Ed Vulliamy

Ed Vulliamy (b. 1954) is a British journalist and reporter, writer for ”The Guardian” and ”The Observer”. He was a correspondent in, inter alia, Bosnia, the USA and Iraq. In 1992, he informed the world about concentration camps in the Balkans. In 1996, as the first journalist in history, Ed Vulliamy testified at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and in 2011 – in a lawsuit against Radovan Karadžić in Hague. He believes that testifying in trials which concern breaching of the international humanitarian law is a responsibility of journalists; he often gives speeches on the issue as well.
Ed Vulliamy is a laureate of such awards as e.g. James Cameron Award, Amnesty International Media Award and International Reporter of the Year Award (twice).

Maciej Zaremba Bielawski about Ed Vulliamy's book

Horror and emotion

Several hundred metres south of El Paso, which is one of the calmest towns in the USA, another city is located: Ciudad Juárez, one of the most dangerous on the planet. Between these two cities, there is the US – Mexican frontier, that at the same time marks the division of wealth and poverty. And this fact explains why there are mutilated bodies to be found on the streets of Juárez every morning. ”If Juárez is a city of God, it's only because the Devil is scared to come here”, a local saying explains.

A famous British reporter, Ed Vulliamy (the one who informed the whole world about concentration camps in the Balkans, back in 1992), travels from the Pacific shore to the Gulf of Mexico, from Tijuana to Matamoros: thousands of kilometres along the border between the USA and Mexico, where the Third World rubs against the First and bleeds. ”Amexica...” is a story about the borderland ruled by drug smugglers, gun-runners and smugglers of migrants; it is a reportage from the territories where drug cartels fight one another and where degenerated masculinity seems to find affirmation only by the means of cruelty. Ed Vulliamy wants to show that this war along the frontier is a new phenomenon. Earlier, people used to kill each other in the name of religion, nation, ideology or in order to shift borderlines. Bandits in Amexica do not aim at shifting anything. To the contrary: the existence of the more and more strictly guarded frontier is what determines their own existence at the same time and their astronomical income. This war is all about dividing profits and this is the reason of its cold-blooded barbarism.

The book is macabre at times but it is also moving as Vulliamy is able to find oases of empathy and love even within the deepest poverty and helplessness.

Maciej Zaremba Bielawski

Janusz Ochab

Janusz Ochab (b. 1971) graduated from English Studies at the University of Warsaw. He has been a professional translator for over twenty years now; his work so far includes several dozens of books, mostly belles-lettres. He collaborates with such publishing houses as Czarne, Prószyński i S-ka, Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal, Muza, Egmont. He is married and has two children, Mikołaj and Gabrysia. Janusz Ochab is a keen jogger and marathon runner.


Amexica: war along the borderline (Ameksyka. Wojna wzdłuż granicy)

translated from English by Janusz Ochab

published by Czarne