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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery
Impro Mitting: Ryszard Latecki, Hubert Zemler and Bart Pałyga – concert at Klubojadalnia Eufemia
15 May 2014 (Thursday) g. 21:00
Klubojadalnia Eufemia, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 5 (mapa)
15 pln

Ryszard Latecki
Ryszard Latecki is a multi-instrumentalist, inventor of latara (that is a half-fret guitar), creator of numerous music formations (i.a. Laterna group), co-founder of Kawalerowie Błotni (together with Jerzy Koronowicz, Krzysztof Knittel, Mieczysław Litwiński, Tadeusz Sudnik and Tadeusz Wielecki). He is most active in the field of alternative music. Ryszard Latecki is an author and creator of numerous musical performances, installations, author of Klepsydra Dźwiękowa (Sonic Sandglass, in which sound is poured and consecutive harmonic intervals measure time), Sejsmofon (Seismophone: Earth vibrations are transformed into a musical form) and a totally new idea of creating music, namely Muzyka Rewersyjna (Reversion Music, which means subtracting sounds – chipping away bits of noise in order to create a musical form). Moreover, Ryszard Latecki works on other projects as well, such as an auteur programme of workshops titled Dźwiękowa Przestrzeń Niewerbalna (Non-verbal Sonic Space), auteur of a concert programme named Partytury Fotograficzne (Photographic Scores) and he also works actively at Wytwórnia Błękitu (Sky-Blue Manufacture) at Podziemia Kamedulskie in Warsaw. He has recorded and released (via OBUH Records) several auteur albums. Vice-President of the Polish Section of The ISCM. He is a laureate of “Polonia Restituta” (Order of the Rebirth of Poland / Order Odrodzenia Polski), which he was awarded in recognition of his activity in the field of independent culture in the 1980s.

Hubert Zemler
Hubert Zemler is an academically educated drummer, laureate of Bronze Medal at Music Olympics in Korea (in the category Percussion Solo). First of all, however, he is a musician who co-creates several important Warsaw-based groups active in the field of independent music. For years, he has been gathering experiences in extremely distant musical worlds, from free jazz (Kapacitron, Horny Trees) to contemporary music (Arturas Bumsteinas, Zdzisław Piernik) to world music (Ritmodelia, Calle Sol) to rock and blues (Neurasja, Incarnations) and ambitious pop (Natu). Hubert Zemler never gives up in his sonic, artistic quest; true to his own path, he succeeded in creating his own, original sound, strengthened by his exceptional sensitivity, imaginativeness and amazing technique.

Bart Pałyga
Bart Pałyga is a cello player and multi-instrumentalist, improviser. He specializes in playing a dozen or so stringed and ethnic instruments rooted in musical traditions of various areas around the world. He is the originator of applying overtone singing in contemporary music as well as folk and pop in Poland. For years now, he has been collaborating with Maria Pomianowska (Zespół Polski, Arcus Poloniae). He is a member of Yerba Mater, Masala, Village Kollektiv and other groups. He also makes guest appearances at times, sharing stages with such artists and groups as, inter alia, Michał Rudaś, Gadająca Tykwa and Mosaic.

Source: translation of the promotional material provided by the organizer of the concert, Klubojadalnia Eufemia