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Greece. Bitter Oranges (Grecja. Gorzkie pomarańcze), Dionisios Sturis
published by W.A.B., Warsaw

Book by a Greek, who is a Polish journalist as well, travelling to the motherland of his ancestors during a strong wave of protests. An economic crisis against the background of the 20th-century history of Greece is, however, not the only issue covered by his account. He writes also about a tragedy of refugees arriving at the coast of Greece and about Ikaria, an island which in the world of tensions and chaos seems to be an oasis of calm and longevity. Sturis talks about his own Greek-Polish identity, about a peculiar mentality of the inhabitants of this region and within his story, pride of an ancient past blends with complexes and an immense will to live.
[Piotr Mitzner]

Dionisios Sturis

Born in Salonika, 1983, he grew up in Poland. Dionisios Sturis works for TOK FM radio, where he concentrates on foreign affairs. Recipient of a scholarship awarded by the Greek Government, thanks to which he could observe the development of the socio-political situation there 2009–2010. Working as a correspondent for Polish media, he provided accounts of protests, demonstrations and actions by social movements in Greece. In 2012, he was nominated for the Polish Press Agency (PAP) Ryszard Kapuściński Award (category: press report) and for the Grand Press award (category: radio report, for his material on Greek Golden Dawn neo-fascists). “Greece. Bitter Oranges” is his first book.


Greece. Bitter Oranges (Grecja. Gorzkie pomarańcze)
Dionisios STURIS

published by W.A.B.